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Myth-busting Monday

November 28, 2011

Welcome back for another Myth-busting Monday by CakeNutrition! Every Monday we dissect a new health and nutrition myth to reveal the fact or fiction behind them. Have a myth you want me to investigate? Submit them to or post them as a comment!

The Myth:  Eating “negative calorie” foods like celery, cabbage, and apples help you lose weight.

A “negative calorie” food takes more calories to digest it, than your body receives from eating it. Surprisingly, there is actually A LOT of truth to this myth. The concept of “negative calories” stems from the TRUTH of the thermic effect of food (TEF). TEF is the energy that your body must use to actually breakdown all the food you eat. Another support to the myth is the TRUTH that foods labeled “negative calorie” are low-calorie and high-fiber fruits and veggies.

The one major flaw is the fact that the TEF is actually minuscule compared to the amount of calories contained in the food. There is no food that takes more calories to digest than your body receives by eating it.

Piece of Cake … Nutrition:

*The concept of “negative calorie” foods is false


*There is truth that these foods benefit weight loss programs because they are:

– Low calorie

– High fiber

– Fruits and Vegetables

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