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Food of the Week Wednesday: The Avocado

November 16, 2011

Welcome back for the new featured food of the week. Here you will find a new food or recipe every Wednesday – complete with nutrition information, preparation instructions, and suggestions on how to incorporate it in your diet. Think you have a food or recipe worth mentioning? Submit them to Also, check out the new Daily Schedule!

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– Increase fruit intake

– Great source of poly- and mono- unsaturated fats

– Low carb and high fiber

Rather bland alone, but makes great guacamole ->

For nutritional information check out the Nutrition_Facts_Label

*Nutrition Label is for a 1 oz serving. A whole avocado is ~4-5 oz.

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  1. Mey Rick permalink
    November 17, 2011 6:30 AM

    I think you need to remind people that the nutrition they are getting out of the avocado is based on just one oz. so they don’t think they have to eat the whole thing. Also I think you need to make it easier for them to get to this page from the email notifications. and spell “Daily” correctly at the top of this page. Overall for me it’s much better and I like the daily stuff. I didn’t get Cory’s pic at first, but now that I see it on this page it’s very clear it’s a side view of me.

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