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Who is CakeNutrition?

September 5, 2011


Ph.D. in Kinesiology and Nutrition
RD (Registered Dietitian)
2+ years Management Experience in the Supplement Industry
7+ years (ongoing) Experience in Human Exercise, Nutrition and Physiology Research


I have been involved in a wide range of athletics for the majority of my life. The further I progressed in sports (through high school and into college) the more important it became to be bigger, stronger and faster. I found myself spending countless hours in the gym and dedicating my time and money to the latest and greatest in nutrition, exercise routines and supplements. I read all the magazines, surfed all the forum sites, and talked to every muscle-seeking maniac in the gym. There came a point where I thought I had everything down to a science. My routine mirrored some of the original greats like Lou Ferrigno, Frank Zane and, of course, Arnold. My nutrition was flawless 24/7. My supplement regimen rivaled anyone’s. I knew it all and had complete control over my health and physique . . . at least according to the internet. Soon, I was trudging through my second year at Case Western Reserve University, taking grueling engineering and business courses.  As the years passed, I had fallen in love with nutrition, spent all my free time reading up on the breaking news in the field, and knew it would be a part of my life forever. I immediately switched my major to Nutrition.

But that’s when I realized: I knew NOTHING about nutrition!

I had achieved my previous physical results, not because my techniques were optimized, but merely because I was machine-like in my training, calorie intakes, and supplements. It took and intro class’s Diet-Analysis project to throw my entire concept of “health” out the window, and a sports nutrition expert’s advice to legitimate resources to realize that I could spend far less on supplements. As academia continued to capsize all my prior understanding about nutrition, I began to see even better results utilizing a revitalized diet and supplement regimen, with a much welcomed side effect of increased health and decreased cost. As I advanced my side career as a (major supplement chain) manager, I constantly heard people spewing the same fabrications that I, myself once took for science. It soon dawned on me how many other people had fallen prey to the same misguided information.

With my unique perspectives as an avid athlete/bodybuilder, manager of a premier supplement store and a dedicated academic and human health researcher, I am aware of information that not only promotes optimal health, but also expedites personal fitness goals. I present what I know because I believe there is little truthful information available to the public. I can bridge the gap between research and its applications by transforming the scientific jargon into easy to understand language and making it available to everyone. I am passionate about dispelling the obstructive amount of poor health and nutrition information being pushed by websites, bloggers, or under-educated ‘gym experts.’


How to Approach the Site For those just beginning to learn, this site is a great starting point as you will find only evidence-based health and nutrition information here. For those who are “experts” themselves, I ask you to keep an open mind. Just because something ‘sounds right’ or is followed by ‘gym rats’ or popular bloggers, does not mean the information is true. Disagree with me? Then comment! I love scientific discussions. Feeling timid? Just e-mail me your questions anonymously at

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